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One of the most important aspects to consider when you’re looking for an appropriate roofing system is the longevity of your roofing. There are different roofing systems available and they all have their own benefits and downsides. One such roofing system that is gaining a lot of popularity is torch-down roofing.

The average life expectancy of a torch-down roofing system is 15 to 20 years.  That can also be extended up to 30 years depending on the installation and maintenance. If the installation project is handled by a professional roofer, the torch-down roofing system will hold up to the elements and time.

ShingleMasters Roofing is one of the top roofing companies serving all of East Texas that can provide you reliable torch-down roof installation.  We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service.  From start to finish, ShingleMasters Roofing will handle all phases of your torch-down roofing project.

Torch-Down Roofing

Roofing felt installation with heating and melting roll of bitumen roll by the torch on flame

What is Torch-Down Roofing?

A torch-down roofing system is designed for low-angle or flat roofs. It is a blend of two materials, modified asphalt, and resin. These are the two primary materials that are melted using a torch to form a thick coating. And this dense coating becomes a waterproof material that is ideal for your roofing needs. Its name has been derived from the technique of its application, that is, by using a torch. The absence of gravel also reduces the chances of it clogging your building’s drains. Another thing that distinguishes it from tar and gravel is the odor. Tar and gravel can produce a very strong odor while it is applied. The odor can even be harmful to your health.

Advantages of Torch-Down Roofing Systems

There are many advantages to torch down roofing. The first job of any roof system is to keep water out of the building/structure, and torch-down roofing has excellent water-resistant properties. Provided the membrane and insulation are installed according to manufacturer application instructions, the flat surface of a torch down roof prevents water from collecting and allows it to drain off.

Torch-down roofing is designed for all climates, expanding under heat and contracting under cold conditions without melting or cracking as other materials might. It’s this ability that gives torch-down roofs their long lifespan.

In addition, torch-down roofing systems provide:

  • Strong resistance to tear and puncture
  • Excellent ultraviolet protection and insulation
  • Excellent protection against water damage

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